Who cares what is or isn’t legal tender?

I don’t know why people in the virtual currency community focus on making digital money “legal tender”. Many people don’t know what it means and it really doesn’t matter anyway. Around the world, central banks seem to continue to invest in printing “paper” money (I say “paper” because some of it is plastic now) and trying harder and harder to make it difficult to counterfeit. It’s hard to tell whether it’s working or not. A counterfeiter passed his time running off dud £20 notes on a home printer and colouring them in with pens to make them look authentic, a […]

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New Year Non-News

When there is no news, create some….. I couldn’t help noticing this article in the Guardian. “Taxpayers Left With £10bn Loss On RBS Stake”, the headline screams. Here’s the story: Taxpayers were left with a £10bn loss on their stake in Royal Bank of Scotland shares at the end of 2014. The 79% shareholding in RBS was bought at an average of 502p a share, well above the 394p at which the shares ended the year. Shocking. How dare the Government sell OUR shares in RBS at such a loss! That’s worse even than Royal Mail. This Government goes from […]

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