Would You Date Chicago?

Over the past decade I’ve dealt with a lot of teen angst. My three kids range from 19 years old to 24, so there have been thousands of stories – some first hand and some from their friends – about romantic relationships and friend drama. Like any good parent, I jumped into such conversations in the early years, eager to share my wisdom and save the young souls from heartache. And, like most parents, I found myself roundly ignored until the relationship in question ended in flames. Such things have thousands of unique details, but typically come back to the […]

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Euro Rapidly Approaching Parity, Drops 12% Year to Date

Bond yields in Europe continue to collapse. This comes amidst a massive QE program that the European Union began last Monday, in which they began repurchasing sovereign bonds in an attempt to boost inflation throughout the EU and to foster growth. Inflation will undoubtedly occur, as the amount of money created in the process of repurchasing these 1.1 trillion euro worth of bonds is already being felt across the EU. As bond yields have collapsed, so too has the Euro. Year to date, the Euro is down a whopping 12 percent versus the US dollar, rapidly approaching the ever important parity mark. Not only is the […]

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