Chinese Gold Lease Market And Chinese Commodity Financing Deals Explained

BullionStar This post is part of the Chinese Gold Market essentials series. Click here to go to an overview of all Chinese Gold Market Essentials for a comprehensive understanding the largest physical gold market globally. The main arguments presented by Western consultancy firms, such as GFMS and the World Gold Council (WGC), to explain the difference between SGE withdrawals and Chinese consumer gold demand relate to Chinese Commodity Financing Deals (CCFDs). However, this analysis is incorrect as I will demonstrate in this post. CCFDs are used by Chinese speculators to acquire cheap funds using commodities as collateral. When it comes to using gold as collateral for CCFDs there […]

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Does the National Debt Matter for Silver Prices? [Explained w/ Charts]

Silver currently sells around $ 16, which would be sensible if the U.S. national debt was much less than its current $ 20 trillion. Given the massive national debt and 100 years of experience, silver prices could easily be double or triple their current prices, and far higher in a panic. WHY? Examine over a century of official national debt data graphed on a log scale. Official debt in 1913 was $ 3 billion. Since then it has risen 8% to 9% every year to reach $ 20 trillion or $ 20,000 billion. Debt will continue rising as long as […]

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