How Do We Stop the Insanity?

Nine years of QE… Near zero interest rates… When the effects of those started to fizzle out, we got tax cuts… Now, the new spending bill will add $ 300 BILLION to the deficit. This. Is. Insanity! We’re already running $ 500 billion deficits each year, and these are good times. What’s going to happen when times turn bad? I’ll tell you in my latest Facebook video… Harry Follow Me on Twitter @harrydentjr Chart of the Day MLPs are a Steal Relative to Bonds In case you haven’t noticed, it’s gotten ugly out there. Volatility in the bond market has spilled […]

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Gold, the Misery Index, and Insanity

In 1980 Ronald Reagan spoke about the Misery Index.  An economist had added the inflation rate to the unemployment rate, called it the Misery Index, and used it to indicate the social costs and economic difficulty for the middle class. Today the Misery Index is much smaller than in 1980, thanks to … intelligent fiscal management, economically beneficial monetary policy from the Federal Reserve, and wise political policy from the White House.  If you believe any of those, read no further. Most people will agree that the Misery Index is much smaller today because the numbers have been gimmicked.  Does […]

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