Legendary Investor Jim Rogers Warns That The Worst Stock Market Crash In Your Lifetime Is Coming ‘This Year Or Next’

If Jim Rogers is right, the worst stock market crash that any of us has ever seen is right around the corner.  For the past 15 years, Rogers has been a frequent guest analyst on CNBC, Fox News and elsewhere, and he is immensely respected for the depth of knowledge and experience that he brings to the table.  So the fact that he is warning that we are about to see the worst stock market crash in any of our lifetimes is making a lot of waves in the financial community.  And of course Rogers is far from alone.  Previously, […]

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WARNING: The Greatest Market Crash of Your Lifetime Is Coming

I have a hierarchy of four macroeconomic cycles that I’ve developed over the years. I developed my first cycle in 1988, when my research culminated in the Generational spending wave, a very projectable demographic cycle spanning roughly 39 to 40 years that looks at how people spend as they age. Since then, I’ve added a few more to my arsenal… besides the spending wave, there’s the 34- to 36-year Geopolitical Cycle, the 8- to 13-year Sunspot Cycle, and my newest, the 45-year Innovation Cycle, which together I use specifically for developed countries. The spending wave remains at the top of […]

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