Is Stimulus Responsible for the Recent Improved Trends in the U.S. and Japan?

Maybe. Since central banks began their B.S. back in 2001, when the Bank of Japan first began Quantitative Easing efforts, I’ve warned that it wouldn’t be enough… that none of them would be able to commit to the vast sums of money they’d ultimately need to prevent the Economic Winter Season – and its accompanying deflation – from rolling over us. Demographics and numerous other cycles, in my studied opinion, would ultimately overwhelm central bank efforts. Well, $ 12 trillion later – after the U.S. and Europe jumped on the QE bandwagon in early 2009 – I have to admit […]

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Gold’s Recent Bounce Is Temporary: The Trend is Still Down in 2017 (and Beyond)

Twenty-two radio interviews for the new book, 10 of them live. At this point, my voice is tired. So are gold sellers. Gold peaked at $ 1,934 in September of 2011 – the last major commodity to peak in the 30-year cycle that first peaked in mid-2008. Silver peaked in late April 2011, after retesting its dramatic bubble peak in 1980, at $ 48. That’s when we gave our first and biggest sell signal for gold and silver. After gold’s peak in September 2011, its first wave down ended up in a two-year-long trading range that vacillated between $ 1,525 […]

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