Is Stimulus Responsible for the Recent Improved Trends in the U.S. and Japan?

Maybe. Since central banks began their B.S. back in 2001, when the Bank of Japan first began Quantitative Easing efforts, I’ve warned that it wouldn’t be enough… that none of them would be able to commit to the vast sums of money they’d ultimately need to prevent the Economic Winter Season – and its accompanying deflation – from rolling over us. Demographics and numerous other cycles, in my studied opinion, would ultimately overwhelm central bank efforts. Well, $ 12 trillion later – after the U.S. and Europe jumped on the QE bandwagon in early 2009 – I have to admit […]

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Here’s an Idea – Let’s Make the Banks Responsible

It’s no secret I can’t stand most banks, particularly Bank of America. The institution is doing its best to get rid of any customer service that ever existed (fewer tellers, pushing clients to online services, etc.) while airing sappy ads about how much they care. Care about what? Their bonuses? Certainly not their customers. But even with my long-standing grudge against B of A, I’m not joining the chorus calling for greatly increased regulation or busting them up along with the other big banks. I’ve got a better idea. Hold them responsible for their actions. In 2008 the financial world […]

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