Chicago is America’s Dark Financial Star

The Windy City is famous for a lot of things, including the biting winter breeze off Lake Michigan and blowhard politicians. Whether Chicago got its pet name from one or the other doesn’t really matter, since both fit. But soon, the place also called the Second City will be known as something else: The municipal black hole. It’s only a matter of when, not if, Chicago will consume itself financially, and will start sucking in the wealth of anyone and anything connected to it, just as black holes in space eat the energy of nearby stars. It’s easy to lay […]

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The Lone Star State Is Taking on the Entire Financial System

200 men against 1,500 enemy troops. They were never going to win. They fought anyway. Everyone died. It’s a story that most Americans are vaguely aware of, but the tale of the Alamo is seared into the heart of every Texan. In losing the battle in such heroic fashion, the defenders rallied others to the cause, helping the Tejanos defeat the Mexican army in 1836. Like that, the country of Texas was born. Nine years later, the young nation joined the United States, and became the only state to join the union by treaty. These few facts provide a sense […]

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